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A character development program to build a Titanium Generation
To develop resilient social skill and professional mental attitude
Go for Education
Go for Character
Go for Achievement
Care For The Children and Family To Save The Nation


In the era of globalization and world competition in the future,
Indonesia demands more intelligent, resilient, and skilled individuals as Titanium Generation

It is all parents’ hope to see their children achieving success in the future.
But with all obstacles that might have arisen and under limited time of child development,
parents and educators must fight against time to maximize the golden period of life

Descartes’ Nature Principle

Each person is born with a mental charge that determine his personality

Locke Nurture Principle

A man is born like a white paper without any mental load and therefore, all aspects of emotion, personality, social and behavior are gained through experience.
Bagan A2G

The quality of parents with values and emotional maturity
is as important as the quality of teachers, society,
media, industry giving impact to environment and government.
All parties are responsible for the quality of physical, mental, social, and spiritual of Indonesian Youths

But in reality,
Indonesian children learn to be inconsistent in their life.
They easily forget positive values and trap in cognitive dissonance in their learning process

to enable consistent learning,
it is very important for children to practice self regulation.

Unfortunately behavioral change are not easy,
especially when habits are formed already.

According to Metamorphosis, by A. Kasandra Putranto (2008),
transforming individual’s behavior requires motivation 
and commitment to change